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I just looked at my pageviews, and I have over 600 hits! I didn't even notice that until now, and I'm fairly happy, even if most of those may have been earned by unintenional drama (don't ask; if you know, you know).

But at this rate, I have a feeling that I might have to do something for that 1,000th hit of mine. Keep your eyes peeled! :3
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I REALLY need to submit some stuff on here sometime. But this just isn't one of my favorite sites. I always thought that I'd like having my work on the Internet, but apparently if it's obscure fanart, no one will care.

Oh well, I'll try submitting some *popular* fanart and/or original works soon.
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encas: contaminating the internets with BuBu ChaCha fancruft since 2009!

So yeah, I've now got a account. And I'm sure no one will read it (and that this is blatant advertising), but whatever. I want at least a little publicity, since I'll be posting some non-BuBu ChaCha things once I'm done with my fanfic that I'm on right now.

And that's about it.
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I've always been a Sonic fan, but lately I've felt less in tune with the series. I attribute that to not playing a good (read: any) Sonic games in a while. Plus, all of them seem sucky lately or are on consoles I don't own, so yeah.

But today when looking at some Sonic fanart and supportive paragraphs on soniccouplessupporte, something clicked. I rediscovered why I liked the series again, despite its flaws and my interest in it gradually fading with time with a lack of new releases I liked.

And speaking of fanart, just a few minutes ago, I looked through some old fanart from around '06-'07 (my peak of interest in the Sonic fandom, it seems), and I was amazed in so many ways. Some of it was excellent and (dare I say) better than a lot of it on dA, and some of it wasn't as good as I recalled. A lot of it evoked feelings of "Woah, I designed that when I was 11 or 12?" in me(a lot of it consisted of lovechildren and fancharacters). Some of it was REALLY good, I'll put it up when I get time. A lot of it was pretty good, but really sloppy, so it looks like I have some moar fanart to redo...

And in RL news, spring break officially ended yesterday for me. That's why I was so active beforehand; I was on break! Back into the good 'ole swing of things, I suppose...
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Okay, here goes. The name's encas. And I love art. Veeeery artistic here. In general, I either like doing 100% traditional art, or 100% digital; mixed media just ain't my thing mostly because I lack the tools for it. Oh, and photography drives me crazy, but I appreciate those who can do it and enjoy it. So yeah...I'm a nutter and I can't think of much else right now to say!
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