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001: Clovelet :iconencas:encas 1 0
Dear teen dating
Dear teen dating,
Did I stutter too much around him? Was my hair too much of a frizzy mess of a rat's nest for him? Was she prettier; quieter, more popular, more striking? Smarter? Was she anyone but the exuberant, hectic, and literally half-insane girl next door? I have the prescriptions to prove it.
Or am I too much of a annoying harpy-bitch for him? He said it himself; well, minus the "harpy-bitch" part. Almost all of my friends either have been directly involved with you in the past, or currently are. Maybe I'm a stalker after all? Wait; that can't be, if I were dating him, it would just be called "cute," not "creepy."
How hard is it to ask for someone that would be able to hold my hand and/or ask me to Homecoming? Am I that bad of a catch, or is he not worth my time?
An apparently "abnormal" girl
:iconencas:encas 0 3
Dear limerence
Dear limerence,
Must you strike me now? Must you hypnotize me into becoming so fascinated by his eyes? You turn friends, or even the boy behind me in English class, into participants in a confused, muddly relationship that flirts past amity.
I must not get hurt; I musn't tell! I may call you my biggest secret, but you shine through like a dark umbra. They can tell you lurk near, but I wish that you would go far, far away. I'm only seventeen, after all; I have the rest of my life for this!
Come again when I'm older, okay?
:iconencas:encas 0 0
Dear morning table
Dear morning table,
You have been an impeccable host for these past few years. It is 7:10 a.m. on the fifth day of senior year, and the commons bustle and even seem to shake a little; students head toward the school library down the twin halls while others turn toward one another. In laughter, in attempt to hear pat the aural chaos with varying success.
But I recall the first day of our freshman year: it seemed to spin at the speed of light, so quickly that time itself seemed to screech to a halt when we turned away from one another. If we friends were on the same conversational page, it only seemed to slow.
A few have left, some more have joined, but few other tables have housed so many friends so consistently.
the local senior bard
:iconencas:encas 0 0
TailsxTikal - Brought to life :iconencas:encas 8 3
Knuzaze - Amethyst Kiss
Hands shaking, hands sweating,
I stumble up to you.
You glance across
The chamber as I crawl on;
It looks like you're sneering at me
As your father surely would.
Violet hair tamely guided by a ring of scarlet gem;
It makes me nervous, and reminds me:
A ruffian;
A nobody.
What am I doing
Approaching a princess?!
I turn over my hands.
The shards of Emerald
Covering my fist-spikes
Remind me of what
Long-gone ancestors fought for.
Encouraged, I continue on.
You are clad in the finest
Royal-purple and fuchsia and pearly-pink
Regardless, your
Lavender fur shines in the castle's skylights
Brighter than the sun.
Another good sign:
As I draw closer,
You stoic, made-up face
Melts into a smile.
Maybe one
Day I will be able
To tell my
What I have fought for:
Not just Emeralds,
Neither yours not mine;
But an Amethyst.
I have finally reached you,
So I take your hand.
I am spirited away by a gale of
Only the finest memories;
I chased after you
In mid-air;
You were always t
:iconencas:encas 7 19
'Sonny' :iconencas:encas 0 3 Drew - Secret Santa present :iconencas:encas 2 0 Sienna the Sable :iconencas:encas 2 1 Two Roses :iconencas:encas 16 7
   Opening my eyes, I stretched out from the bed in my cluttered workshop. Scattered about the room were all sorts of works of mine – random robots that I designed to counter Eggman's crazed plans that strangely were decreasing in frequency, various forgotten machines that I lacked the ambition to work on, and scrapped inventions of all sorts. Wrenches were littered across the floor, but none of this fazed me as I looked up at the marble windowsill just above my bed.
   Upon the windowsill rested a potted plant. Its rounded, waxy green leaves and crimson, nearly triangular flower buds soothed me in a way that only my past experiences could explain. This was no ordinary plant, it was the remains of my first, and hopefully, last and only, love.
   I met Cosmo just over five years ago. That short, blissful period of time with her was not quite two weeks in length, but it seemed much longer. Supposedly animals and plants do not get along we
:iconencas:encas 7 10
Mimi the Sheltered :iconencas:encas 0 0 Tangled up in Blue :iconencas:encas 10 3 Pascal and Guppie Prower :iconencas:encas 7 0 Icecream :iconencas:encas 4 9 Emilia :iconencas:encas 1 0


Your OC :iconliteratepothead:LiteratePothead 138 204 SonRouge : Supersonic woman :iconsensum:sensum 164 31 Everyone loves Dulcy :iconladyz0e:ladyz0e 74 22 Rattata :iconblix-it:blix-it 1,534 182 Nevermetships :iconsa948-stamps:SA948-Stamps 55 13 How the Knux-Shade thing began :iconbrokenteapot:BrokenTeapot 1,113 280 My Disorder stamp :icon2138:2138 194 103 I Like You :iconstormbreakout:StormBreakOut 106 82 Silver and Blaze: JUST FRIENDS :iconmauevig:MauEvig 24 33 Stamp - I Don't Steal :iconfanartintegrityclub:FanArtIntegrityClub 91 8 2010 Merry Christmas :iconwindhover07:Windhover07 341 60 Amy fan - Not SonAmy fan :iconsonicangel948:SonicAngel948 239 84





I just looked at my pageviews, and I have over 600 hits! I didn't even notice that until now, and I'm fairly happy, even if most of those may have been earned by unintenional drama (don't ask; if you know, you know).

But at this rate, I have a feeling that I might have to do something for that 1,000th hit of mine. Keep your eyes peeled! :3
  • Reading: just finished Virginia Euwer Wolff's Make Lemonade


Jeg gik mig over sų og land
United States
Yeah, yeah. Sonic fanbrat. Think again.

The visual arts may have turned into a hobby for me lately, but don't judge based off of the animu. It's fun to draw. XD

However, I'm a writer at heart, and I hope to take my gallery in that direction. Or something like that...

Favourite genre of music: Eurodance/Europop, but I've been branching out lately.
Operating System: Windows Vista.
MP3 player of choice: 2nd gen(?) iPod nano
Wallpaper of choice: Anything that I like. But usually something BuBu ChaCha, if I even get a say.
Favourite cartoon character: Phione (Pokemon series), Randy Rand (BuBu ChaCha).

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I like this group because it is in support of one of my favorite Sonic pairings, and since Sonouge seems less popular than many other pairings, I find it refreshing to see it in the spotlight.
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